03/28/2011 03:46 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

'Average' Is Killing the American Dream

Average thinking, products and actions are the prevailing concepts in our society today and a proven failing formula! The middle class (average) is the most suppressed class of people on this planet, and your goal should be to get above it, not into it! Look around and you will see a world filled with average products, average service and average people. Average is the acceptable level upon which the middle class is built and fails all that employ it!

There is a growing evidence that average thinking, average actions, the average worker/earner, and the average finances are an unworkable formula. Jobs are being shipped overseas, "real" unemployment numbers exceed 19 percent, one third of homeowners have negative equity, and life expectancies exceed average retirement savings. Average companies are wiped out by those that bring extraordinary products, service and thinking to the marketplace.

The influence, acceptance and pervasion of "average" in our society is killing the American dream and upon which the middle class is built. Just look at how many people's goals are to get into the middle (average) class. Then consider the following statistics: the average worker (middle class) reads less than one book a year, works an average of 37.5 hours, makes less than 60,000 a year and has on average $16,000 in credit card debt. The average worker makes 319 times less income than the top CEOs who claim to read over 60 books a year. The bottom 50 percent of all earners (average) in the U.S. combined make less income than the top 1 percent. Hate the top earners if you like, but it doesn't change the fact that average "anything" just does not work!

Average is a failing formula:

  1. Average is too abundant to have value.
  2. Average gets wiped out by better ideas and lower prices.
  3. Average doesn't account for unforeseen happenings.

Average means that which is less than extraordinary. Any undertaking, thinking, goal or activity that includes the concept of average will fail you! Normal or average levels of action and thinking fail to take account the effects of various forces, such as resistance, market changes, competition, normal inflation, financial crisis, wars and unexpected occurrences. When average meets any resistance, you will quickly see it then drag those using it into pain.

Average thinking and actions are what the middle class is built on and appears to work only when things are going well. When things don't go well, average only guarantees the user misery, uncertainty, struggle and failure. Take a quick, objective look at how the average person in our country has put himself/herself at risk and you will quickly see that average doesn't work. Prohibit yourself, your family and your company from comparing yourself to anything that is average or from using average in any of your thinking or your actions.


Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author and sales training expert.