12/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama is Great Example of American Success

I congratulate and admire Barack Obama for his campaign, his execution and for being elected by the American people to the highest office in the US.

This man is the example of what is still possible in America for he/she who can professionally and effectively communicate his/her message to others, the value of persuasion skills, salesmanship at its finest, executing an exact strategy, taking massive amounts of actions, getting others to support your dreams, persistently believing in your ideas regardless of the odds against you and the ability to close the deal. His success to America's highest office goes a long way to demonstrate that in America when you exhibit these skills at this level you can achieve anything.

Regardless of your political beliefs you have to appreciate that this little known man persuaded the citizens of this country to go out and elect him President of the US. The last eighteen months he spent selling himself, his ideas, his solutions and his hopes to others.

He is an exemplary example of what it takes to succeed:
1) Great Communication Skills
2) An Exact Strategy
3) Staying Committed to the Strategy
4) Massive Levels of Action
5) Commanding the Support of Others
6) Ability to Close the Deal
7) Believe You Can Succeed Regardless of the Odds Against You

While I don't agree with many of his proposals regarding tax increases and his solutions to the current economic conditions I admire this man for being a great example of what it takes to succeed even beyond great odds.

Grant Cardone, Author of Selling the Secret to Success

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