Close the Sale App


Close the Sale app? Seems like there is an app for everything and now businesses can download an app to their phones, computers, ipads and ipods to assist their sales team in handling customer objections, sales problems, difficulties, and even help with negotiating.

Technology is starting to find very practical applications and not just used for mindless games. Now sales organizations are getting a phone application that will assist them in the sales process? With companies cutting back on budgets, it's not uncommon to find people lacking the skills to handle real customers, in the real world. Today organizations are seeking new and cost effective training solutions like virtual online training and now apps placed on smart phones to assist their sales teams in being more productive.

This comes at a good time - with customers becoming more sophisticated and the economy increasingly difficult, sales tools like Close the Sale app and virtual sales training may be quite timely. Today, sales people are having to work three times harder for the same money as a year ago.

Tougher economy, plus better educated buyers plus no change in sales ability = serious problem!

Close the Sale App is provides the sales person exactly what to do in any selling situation 24/7. Close the Sale App at Itunes hit top 100 and out of 50,000 available apps and demonstrates the demand for real solutions.

Professional sales people have already called in saying Close the Sale App assisted them in handing a customer objections and difficulties resulting in a sale!

While most business apps have only provided theory this sales tool allows the sales person to scan any of hundreds of selling situations and provides the sales person with a multitude of solutions. This business app is perfect for sales people, sales managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, fund raisers, call centers, advertisement sales, insurance brokers, real estate agents and even job seekers.

Close the Sale offers a free version available now and works on iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads. It comes with 12 different closing scenarios, lots of motivational and instructional video and very current and relevant information on handling today's better informed customers and tips for closing the sale.

Grant Cardone, NY Times Best Selling Author and International Sales Consultant