07/30/2015 03:27 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2016

Create Your Own Super Life

The majority of people live an average life, with normal goals, following the status quo, and only making 'realistic' goals. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a Super Life? You wouldn't be first. A Super Life has been achieved by many, but what is a Super Life to you?

For me a Super Life is having a super family, having a super reputation in my industry, running super businesses, having super physical health, super money, super wealth and super spiritual purpose. To live a Super Life I would have abundance in all of these areas of my life--not seeking balance or average.

The first step is to get known. The second step is to expand.

I was recently asked, "What is your biggest fear?"

Without hesitation I said, "Not being able to make a difference in the lives of enough people." For me, this super spiritual purpose would allow me to make a massive difference for the better of the entire planet!

From the age of 25 to 45 I was focused on making my business as successful as possible. Because of this undying commitment I created four companies from nothing and they are still very successful to this day--and I'm still pushing them to 10X levels.

Twelve years ago I committed to starting my family. First, I had to get known and I had to get the attention of this girl who I believed would be the perfect partner for me. It took me 13 months of persuading, convincing, and closing before I got Elena Lyons to go on one date with me. One year later, she became Elena Cardone, the first lady. Then I expanded with my two daughters: Sabrina and Scarlett.

My family and my continued investment to my spiritual development have opened me up to my real purpose. My purpose is to contribute at massive 10X levels that will live on beyond this one life--a Super Life. To survive means to live beyond death. In order to live that I realized I would have to expand my power base, my influence, and my energy on a scale I never imagined before--a scale that expands far beyond my immediate family, friends, business, and network.

When I wrote The 10X Rule I didn't know that a Super Life was possible. My original goal for the book was super massive expansion, not a Super Life. I was on a path to figure out how to get my family and businesses out of harm's way--to get them so successful that no economic crash, natural disaster, or external event could hurt them. The 10X Rule gave me more than I ever imagined--it has helped me create a Super Life for me, my family, and my businesses. Now I focus my life on helping as many people as possible on this planet.

The mission: Create a viable network of like-minded people that support one another in creating super success in every area of life--Super life.

When you start living at 10X levels and operating with 10X actions on every important area of your life a Super Life becomes possible. When you operate in a balancing way or trying to contract to 'conserve' resources it functions as a wall, a barrier and a break that will prevent you from living a Super Life.

I spent the first 40 years of my life thinking too small, being too careful and too conservative in my actions--in both my personal and professional life. I don't want you to take that same path. I want you to begin creating your Super Life now so you can get as massive as you can.

Your first step to invest in your Super Life is to take my 10X Coaching Exercise. The is nothing ordinary about The 10X Rule. These massive thoughts will be followed by massive actions. This exercise comes with over 30 minutes of video with me walking you through exactly how to go through the exercise. When you invest in this exercise you will also be the first to get my never before released 50+ page eBook on 10X Everything!

On top of those you will also get free, front-row access to my 4+ hour webcast. Invest in yourself now.

I will dive deep into:
• What is the 10X Rule?
• Four Biggest Mistakes in Goal Setting
• How to Properly Commit
• How to Assume Control of Everything
• Not Being a Victim
• 10X vs Average / Rich vs Poor
• The Truth About the 1%
• Why the Middle Class is Failing Financially
• What is the Cause of the Failing Middle Class
• The Four Levels of Action
• How Do You Know You Are Taking Massive Action?
• How to Start 10xing Your Life

Invest in yourself. Begin your Super Life.

Be great,