03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Grateful For America

While the world spends so much time complaining about what is wrong I am reminded at this time to focus on what I have to be grateful for:

All those involved in the military that risk their lives to protect this country.

The honest police forces around the country that make us all safe.

The courageous firemen in cities that risk their lives for each of us.

The compassionate and loving nurses that work overtime to take care of the sick.

The teachers in our schools that inspire students, not just deliver lessons.

For all those that contribute to lighting our cities, insuring our water is drinkable, and make it possible to heat and cool our homes.

To all those that make our streets and highways functional.

To our Founders that put freedom ahead of politics.

To the many freedoms that are unique to this country.

For my ability to cross state lines when ever I want.

My right and freedom to practice the religion of my choice.

For living and working in the greatest economy the world has ever known, where an individual is rewarded for hard work, creativity, persistence and a little bit of luck.

For my father who died when I was ten years old but who taught me how to work.

My mother who was one of my best friends and I enjoyed for 88 years.

My older brother who died at 25 but taught me the power of charisma.

My twin brother who I have enjoyed thousands of experiences with.

My wife who I will live the rest of this lifetime with and is the perfect match for me.

My daughter who I cherish and who I know will teach me more than I can teach her.

For ALL those that have worked with me over the years.

For all my loyal clients that have used my products and services over the years.

Grant Cardone, Author