02/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

How to Never Lose Your Job

When gas hit $4,the US screamed crisis! At that time I wrote here, "I would rather pay $4 a gallon than not have work or have unemployment numbers rise at which point others won't be able to buy anything regardless of the price!" What would you rather?

In 1945, there were 2.8 million people in this country without work. We have already hit 2.4m and there is a world of pain yet to go in the area of unemployment as companies will continue to reduce their workforces as a way to insure profits.

The question is, who will lose their jobs and who will not? If you notice the people that are losing their jobs today are attached to companies that are failing! Note- if the company doesn't do well, make profits, jobs are lost! The next level will not be from failing companies but from those companies that don't want to fail!

There are two groups of people that will never be without work;
1) those working for companies and in industries that are selling enough product to keep them profitable.
2) Those people within those companies that contribute to the selling, yes the selling, of the products and services of that company.

Those that are able to drive revenue through the selling of the products and services of the company are the most needed and valuable people in that company. Warning: Assist the company you work for in bringing in revenue (seling products and services) or you are at risk of losing your job!

Whether you are the receptionist, janitor, mechanic, middle management or the head executive if you don't assist the company in bringing in revenue, opportunities, customers, or whatever produces income you will be considered in the next series of cuts! It will no longer be enough to mind your own business and just do your job. In this environment, if that is all you do you will be considered an unnecessary expense to your company when management looks at their next level of cuts.

Those that will never lose their jobs are those that go beyond the normal expected responsibilities and the duties of their post. Those that creatively extend themselves and take responsibility for assisting the company in revenue creation will never be let go. The job of selling the products and services of the company you work, will not longer be left to the sales force but become the responsibility of everyone that desires to continue to work for that company.

My first job out of college was in an environment of 18% unemployment nationwide and 24% where I lived. Interest rates were over 18%. I was never without work or without money because I knew how to assist the company in producing and driving revenue. I was a problem employee who wrecked vehicles, came in late and rebelled against management. Middle management wanted me fired on at least six occasions but I was never let go for one reason; I consistently produced revenue for the company that outweighed all the other problems I created. I am not suggesting you create problems but you to assist in creating revenue so that you never have the problem of being without work!

During times like these the most important employees are those that can bring revenues into the company. Great ideas, organizational abilities, planning, manners, showing up on time and being the most liked will not provide security in this environment.

Produce or assist in producing revenue for your company regardless of your position and you will never be in the unemployment line!

Grant Cardone, Author