09/04/2010 12:35 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Job Creation that Will Slash Unemployment!

Job creation during tough economic times is further complicated by the current administration's need to keep its own party happy. To create jobs it will have to take on some of the colors of the other party in order to create jobs and stimulate growth. If this administration spent the same energy, money and effort on an aggressive jobs incentive program as it did with its health care commitment it would create jobs and I assure you it would be more popular.

What to do:
1) Reward aggressive tax incentives for any small business hiring.
2) Reward another level of tax incentives for jobs that pay 25% more than minimum wage.
3) Reward federal incentive to those successful in landing a job.

American small businesses are looking for reasons to expand again and despise staying small. The entrepreneur aches to expand and looks for reasons to do so. Just give them an incentive to offset the risk. Then reward different levels of hiring with stacked incentives to avoid just the creation of minimum wage jobs.

Then reward those that are able to go out into the marketplace and successfully land a job. We reward people to be without work, lets give some type of tax incentive to those that are able to land a job. It's tough out there, why not reward the able, willing and persistent with some type of incentive for being successful in the toughest job market in decades. This has never been considered, but let's face it, many of the people that are without work are going to have to take job that will pay them less than the last job they had. That's tough to swallow and this incentive will make the adjustment more palpable and speed the process of acceptance up.

High unemployment is more than an economic drain for our country. Self-esteem is lost, self respect is diminished and the self confidence of both those out of work and the employed is reduced. The country becomes demoralized, pessimism replaces optimism, and the marketplace and the economy breeds uncertainty. Throw as much money at job creation as this administration did at health care and watch the unemployment numbers get back to the 5% range.

This country was founded and built on the reward system and built by people that were willing to get the job done. Our country is known for opportunities and rewards not penalties and pessimism. This country needs jobs today, not rhetoric or a government that wants to make its party happy - we needs expansion and jobs to get this country on the road to recovery.

Grant Cardone, NY Times Best Selling Author and Sales Training Expert