09/01/2010 04:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sales Training that is Effective Sales Training

Sales training is more critical and vital to organizations today than ever before. The companies that are winning are growing revenue through increased sales, not just decreasing expenses. Companies that only focus on expense reduction are all but dead as they will find themselves sooner or later unable to reduce anymore.

How do you grow sales in an environment that is very difficult? Sales training, sales tips, sales motivation and sales strategies provided to sales teams and sales managers and then make it available 24/7. This was not required of organizations over the previous decades because of positive consumer confidence, artificial economy created by easy credit. Today, sales training is the only way to increase sales effectiveness and increased revenue. The development of technology now allows sales training to be available over the internet providing the organization to deliver sales training, sales tips, sales strategies, sales motivations and sales solutions 24 hours a day 7 days a week when your sales and sales managers need it.

Organizations must utilize online sales training so that they can cost effectively provide sales training for ALL of the sales training needs of the organization. Whether you need sales meetings, sales trainin>gsales coaching your people must be able to access the information online quickly and easily and this should not be limited to sales training and sales motivation but sales solutions.

Virtual online web based interactive sales training is taking off because it is affordable, available 24/7 and doesn't require your people miss sales opportunities because they are out of town. A great sales training tool should not just be a repeat of what the sales training guru has been paid to deliver for years but sales training content that is created based on surveys of what your employees. Your people aren't asking for just sales training they are asking for sales help! As a sales training company we have surveyed tens of thousands of salespeople to determine that what sales people want is: sales training, sales tips, sales strategies, sales seminars online, sales training meetings, and sales meetings for management with three specification; short, exciting and make sure it is relevant to the real world.

For sales training to be effective it must get your people excited first and then be available when your people need it. While sales seminars, sales consultants and sales training meetings are valuable when it is over online sales training supports the sales team with sales training, sales tips, and sales motivation. Through very short sales training sessions, under 3 minutes, and then providing immediate interactive testing we are able to keep them interested and ensure sales skills are being transferred. Then support your online sales training with the ability to access sales solutions during the sale to actually help them make a sale and you have a winning sales training program.

For sales training to be most effective it must be:
1) Available 24/7 - Sales training content must be available when sales people need it not just when

2) Sales Motivation - Sales training content that is boring content will be resisted. Sales training must first get the sales team and sales management motivated and excited. Sales people that are not effectively motivated will not achieve sales results regardless of the sales training.

3) Sales Solutions - Sales training must do more than teach a skill must also provide sales people with sales tools to solve problems before, during and after the sale. See our Sales Training Quick Fix Solutions.

4) Sales Training must be All Inclusive- All levels of sales people from the most basic to the most advanced must be included. Most sales training programs fail because they focus only on new sales people and neglect sales training for the other 2/3 of the organization and the management staff.

5) Sales Training Relevant- Sales training must contain sales training material that is current and relevant to changing times handling today's better informed customers, more competitive environment and challenging economy.

Grant Cardone, NY Times Best Selling Author and Sales Training Expert