04/07/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Virtual Sales Training Increases Sales Production

For over 22 years I have been working with organizations to improve sales results. We recently started delivering our training programs using interactive web based online virtual technology. Which simply means we are now able to be available for an organization 24/7 to assist them in their sales meetings, sales coaching, sales training and overall sales development over any computer connected to the internet. Unlike conventional training I am able for the first time to be with the organization when they need me to help them with the exact issues that prevent them from making a sale.

The results in just the first months of bringing our virtual sales training to market has exceeded our expectations. One company experienced a 10% increase in sales the first month they were on the program. Another saw their January numbers 8 percentage points higher than everyone in their region. Beautiful thing is after the initial positive results I am still there with the group everyday to take them to the next level.

Virtual sales training unlike traditional methods doesn't end and allows for the exact measurement of each individual in the organization. Each time an individual logs in we know exactly what information was looked at and because of the interactive component whether they understood that content. None of our segments exceed 8 minutes and most of them are under three minutes in length which actual increases a person desire to do more. No one wants to or has the attention span listen to two hour training sessions and then resist going back for more. Also with virtual we were able to develop our training segments to include everyone in the organization from the newest people to the most senior to ensure that everyone in the organization benefits. One of the biggest mistakes with training programs is the assumption that everyone needs the same information which is not valid. We witnessed one organization where 23 sales people sought out 23 completely different segments in the same one hour period to solve problems they were experiencing.

Before constructing our virtual site we surveyed thousands of sales people to determine what it is they wanted and would find valuable. It was interesting to learn that training was not what they wanted but rather solutions to selling situations that were prevented a transaction. So I then went to the studio and shot hundreds of 10 to 20 second modules of every problematic selling situation and how I would handle it. Put in any problem you are having and a list of solutions immediately pop up in full motion video.

The CEO of another company with over 20 locations in five states said, "Grant Cardone's Virtual Sales Training provides us with a motivator, a sales trainer, sales manager and professional sales coach at each of our 22 locations for less than the cost of one manager. Virtual Grant Cardone never gets sick, never has a bad attitude, always has a solution and delivers the message consistently every time. Now I know my people are getting a consistent messages and the best practices everyday when they need them so we can create consistent sales practices and maximize every selling opportunity"

Virtual sales training is more cost effective than traditional training requiring no travel, no hotels, and no missed opportunities. Because we are now in an environment where sales is survival and keeping cost down critical effective sales training that delivers results is vital.

Grant Cardone, Author and Founder of Virtual Sales Training