10/31/2011 08:40 am ET Updated Dec 31, 2011

Zombie Is Not A Choice

Humans, zombie here. Listen. You long time hurt us and we not take any longer. Why you wack ours brains, but we can't be eating yours brains? This tell zombie you think human brains better than zombie brains.

Well, you is right. Human brain is soooo delicious.

But you also is wrong. Is wrong you hate us because of who zombie is. You mays be born in a human, but we's born too, with a bite. We's born with one thing in brain of ours -- to love human brain. We donot chooze this. We donot chooze to eat your brains. We having to eat your brains. It is your brainses fault for it soooo delicious.

Young zombies, listen. You will grow and grow to be big zombie, and you mays be thinking this is bad because no human is liking you. But you is just going through these growing pains like famous Werewolf Michael J. Fox. Do not give up on brain. Brain is makes you strong. More brains equal more stronger and more zombie taking over. No sad young zombie! Wes going to have a feastie tonight.


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