02/11/2011 07:07 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Top 10 Most Dysfunctional Love Songs (VIDEOS)

Valentine's Day is upon us. I'm single this year, and that's OK. I've already ordered a box of chocolate, and I'm sending myself flowers. They'll arrive Monday -- hopefully by 11:11 a.m. (But that's another story.)

Love. I can't escape it. No, really. It's everywhere -- on the streets (watch, it's pretty fun to look at it) and especially on the radio. But the other day, I was driving along the coast in Northern California -- sorry Chicago, we've been blessed with 70-degree weather -- when I dipped into that sort of "observing" space. Instead of humming along to the songs on the stations, I actually started listening to them -- and what they were trying to tell me.

From what I gather, it's best to smack my head up against the wall if somebody leaves me and... I'd really be lucky to survive without somebody. Pop music. Such a kidder. But then again... ouch!

All of it got me thinking (not always the best thing to do, because it leads to mood swinging, but what can you do?). In these glorious, modern, social networking times, how are we really affected by the gaggle of ditties we hear in a week's time? Do the songs we hear affect our own relationships and values?

I had to find out. So I put on my therapist cap -- it was tight, the result of overthinking no doubt -- and obsessed my way into discovering the Top 10 Most Dysfunctional Love Songs. Delicious. Take a peek. Then tell me yours.

The Top Ten Most Dysfunctional Love Songs
The Top Ten Most Dysfunctional Love Songs