03/31/2014 04:23 pm ET Updated May 30, 2014

Upstairs at Beauty and Essex

Last night, I went to Beauty and Essex for an after work drink, or two. This is something rather rare for me seeing that most weeknights (Sunday through Thursday) are usually reserved for delivery, Netflix, and hopefully a trip to the gym. There may be an occasional networking or work event, but for most part, I keep my week business in front and party in the back. It takes something particularity enticing to get me back out in the cold and into New York nightlife.

I was approached by Michael Cohen a few weeks ago with a message about a new party he was throwing at Beauty and Essex. It was a breath of fresh air to be invited somewhere outside Chelsea, Meatpacking or Hell's Kitchen. I was on the fence about attending; however, there was a decent amount of group chatting, Facebook messaging and overall hype about this event. Michael Cohen only sent out a handful on invites, and it seemed he had the attention of at least a couple hundred young, good looking men. I decided to give it a shot and see if he could really pull off a Monday night party, rather than his usual Phoenix Friday party.

I arrived around nine, roughly an hour after the event started. Like most of Cohen's parties, it was almost entirely a gay event, but I wouldn't feel totally uncomfortable bringing a few girls to the event. Most of the men looked sharp, dressed in their work clothes. There wasn't a dress code, but I'm glad I didn't dress down for the event. A few models got away with their good looks rather than a nice suit, but for the most part it seemed like an after work crowd. Cohen's event was a excellent mix of young to middle-aged men that so often frequent his parties, as well new faces that are rarely seen at an East Village gay bar around 4 a.m. Drinks were on the pricey side, but that was to be expected. The music was enough to keep me entertained, and the second floor only got busier with time.

I left the party around eleven, pretty tipsy and ready for something to eat. There were a few tables with food, but I would definitely plan on eating some dollar pizza on your way out. Overall, I would recommend this party to anyone looking for a new go to Monday night spot. It was by far the best Michael Cohen party I have been to during my five years in New York City. The event, started with only a "few select invites," according to Cohen, and thanks to gossip, word of mouth and a New Yorker's never ending thirst for alcohol, well over 200 people passed through during the course of the evening.

The party is entering its first full month and shows no signs of slowing down. Michael Cohen does a great job of making sure a decent amount of eye candy shows up. If you want to add to the fun, drop Beauty and Essex (146 Essex Street) especially as the weather warms up.