10/02/2012 12:08 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2012

You Know You're a New Yorker When...

Just about everyone will tell you it takes X amount of time to truly become a New Yorker. Some will say that you become a New Yorker the minute you get off the plane, while others will say that you aren't really a New Yorker until you have lived here for 10 years. Others, though limited, will say that you will never be a New Yorker unless you are actually from the city. However you define your "New Yorkness," there are a few sayings or occurrences I have found draw each and everyone of us closer to becoming the true New Yorker we were really meant to be.

You know you're a New Yorker when...

1. You say you're almost ready, when you're really just turning on the shower.

2. When you've been to a warehouse party in Bushwick.

3. When you say you are leaving in five minutes, when you're actually picking out your outfit, remembering to charge your phone, canceling your other plans, and putting on makeup.

4. When you wind up in Brooklyn on a Saturday morning...

5. When you say you're waiting for a cab, when you're actually leaving your apartment.

6. When you have a friend of a friend that has a SICK apartment for basically no rent.

7. When you say you're almost there, when you finally get a cab.

8. When you find a mouse, cockroach, or rat in your apartment (and freak out)

9. When it's a Sunday afternoon and you have a whole day planned, but end up going to brunch all day instead.

10. When you get irritated when you see a new Starbucks opening.

11. When the bartender at your local happy hour spot knows you and has your drink ready.

12. When you can pick a tourist, NYU student, or fashion blogger out of the crowd.

13. When you hate Midtown.

14. When you tell the cab driver to turn on Z100 before you tell him where you're going.

15. When you have a relationship with your work, with your friends, and most importantly, with the city.