Elevator Technician Online Training

Thank you for your interest in our online training program for elevator mechanics and repair! To get started on completing your apprenticeship as a certified elevator technician, please answer the few preliminary questions below:

Elevator comes from the Latin elevare, which, loosely translated, means:
A. To raise; elevate
B. Glorified dumbwaiter
C. Upgraded deus ex machina
D. Not-the-stairs

I would say my problem-solving skills in high-pressure situations are:
A. Responsive
B. Hesitant
C. Fake it til ya make it, baby!
D. I stop, drop and roll at any sign of conflict

When an elevator breaks down and gets stuck, your initial response is to:
A. Press the alarm button to alert building maintenance. If needed, dial the emergency phone number listed in the elevator
B. Google "How do I get out of a trapped elevator?"
C. Blame someone in the elevator for exceeding the maximum load that's written on the placard
D. Take it to the Genius Bar

I would consider my knowledge of hydraulics:
A. Pretty decent; more than most would know
B. I wrote the Wikipedia page on it
C. Enough to make my parents less nervous about my career aspirations
D. I'm unfamiliar with that form of aquatic fitness

How many times have you seen Die Hard?
A. Once
B. Twice, because Bruce Willis in a greasy wife-beater, mmmm!
C. More than three times because I harbor a twisted, sexual fantasy involving Alan Rickman and a hostage situation
D. Enough times to know how to disassemble the ceiling panel in an elevator and climb out on top

How many times have you crawled through an air duct in an emergency situation?
A. Once, because I saw my ex coming from the end of the hallway and I wasn't near a door or window exit
B. Twice, because when I got out of the air duct to escape my ex, a friend of mine saw me and wanted to tell me about a dream they had about me, so I crawled back into it
C. Three times, because when I crawled back out from the original point of entry my ex was still there and wanted to ask, "what's new?" so I crawled back in again
D. I'm literally in one right now.

Which of the following statements is NOT true about elevator mechanics and repair:
A. Most elevator mechanics are related to an escalator mechanic
B. On-the-job training isn't necessary when completing an apprenticeship to become an elevator mechanic
C. Modern elevators incorporate safety features to prevent free-falling accidents by using pulleys, counterweights, and industrial-strength sausage links
D. Elevators haven't been invented in Canada yet

Which best describes your physical strength?
A. I can bench press a Kia Soul
B. I occasionally take the stairs by choice
C. I can't even do a pull-up on a handlebar mustache
D. My seventh-grade physical education teacher's nickname for me was "Human Slug"

Upon completion of our course, you will be equipped with the proper tools and necessary licensure to help you obtain a job as an elevator mechanic or one of the other professions we offer training in that will make people nervous if they found out you did online, including: 911 operator, air traffic controller, au pair.

We will be in contact with you shortly to notify you if you qualify for our online training program in elevator mechanics and repair so please keep an eye out for an email from us in your spam folder.