09/05/2008 11:41 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Preview of This Sunday's 'NYT' Interview with Huff Post's Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer - comedian, writer, cartoon voice, Spinal Tap bassist, Huff Post contributor - gets the Deborah Solomon treatment in this coming Sunday's New York Times Magazine. The piece is titled, "One Man, Many Media."

Solomon describes him as "a left-leaning blogger."

The talk ranges from his new album, Song of he Bushmen (the bone in the nose is, he says, most likely a "tibia") to Obama ("IIam nobody's surrogate").

Asked about his early influences he lists funny people on the radio, such as Jack Benny and Bob and Ray. He describes his "real American story" growing up with his mother running a gas station in California.

Yet he laments that perhaps it doesn't pass muster on the "Real American Story desk." Do Katrina victims qualify? "Judging by their invisibility at the conventions, apparently not."

As for the 2012 conventions - they will be replaced by reality shows with cameras following candidates everywhere "so we can watch them eat and argue with their limo drivers."