10/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Video of Lieberman in 2006 Calling Obama 'A Blessing'

It's gained nearly 30,000 views since posted on YouTube a few days ago, but in the aftermath of Joe Lieberman's appearance at the GOP convention surely it deserves wider attention. It's Lieberman, then running for re-election, hailing Obama at the big Democratic dinner in Hartford CT on March 3, 2006. Obama had endorsed Lieberman over his antiwar rival Ned Lamont, which drew criticism at the time.

Here's the transcript: "As far as I'm concerned [Barack Obama] is a 'Baruch,' which means a blessing. He is a blessing to the United States Senate, to America, and to our shared hopes for better, safer tomorrows for all our families. The gifts that God has given to Barack Obama are as enormous as his future is unlimited. As his mentor, as his colleague, as his friend, I look forward to helping him reach to the stars and realize not just the dreams he has for himself, but the dreams we all have for him and our blessed country." * Greg Mitchell is author of the new book on Iraq and the media, "So Wrong for So Long," and editor of Editor & Publisher and the new blog, The E&P Pub (