06/19/2012 12:05 pm ET Updated Aug 19, 2012

A Startup Called 'ViralGains' Pushes for Online Video Advertising With Branded Viral Videos

Boston-based startup ViralGains wants to provide solutions for brands and advertising agencies spread their video content online.

CMOs of brands and advertising agencies appear to gradually be adopting viral videos as a part of their marketing strategy. The question of viability and ROI is often referred to in the case study by Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign. After the monumental success of the campaign, Adweek reported Old Spice's sales increased by a stunning 107%. With 290 million views registered on their YouTube channel containing 400 videos, it provokes little argument when branding and ROI are called into question.

Speaking with ViralGains co-founder, Jay Singh, he states "After reviewing the success of Old Spice, we wanted to supply the massive demand for viral video seeding and distribution. Viral videos are vital to a marketing strategy because they develop an emotional bond between the consumer and the brand."

Singh follows a four-step model to accelerate the viral growth of a video. Starting by consulting with the creative director of an advertising agency, the next step loads the video into a video player built with consumer engagement in mind, accelerating social media sharing. Next, the video is embedded within a vast distribution network where placements are selectively chosen to promote organic growth. Lastly, all view metrics and social conversations are reported back in a proprietary tracking software as a service (SaaS.)

"Organic growth" is a loose-based term in the overall strategy. If distributed with intent, how organically could it really grow?

"We created this technology for brands and advertising agencies to ensure their video content is visible to a large consumer audience," notes co-founder Dan Levin. "Our strategic vision includes accelerating the growth of viral videos for brands and innovating the way consumers are watching and sharing branded viral video content."

The company is focused on their business to business initiative of distribution, seeding, and marketing viral videos for brands. In the near future, ViralGains plans expansion into the B2C space with innovative technologies that encourage consumer sharing and engagement.

The company is currently courting angel investors in Boston for their first round of seed capital.