Rush Limbaugh Supports the Terrorist Organization, the Lord's Resistance Army

In a recent rant, Rush Limbaugh threw his support behind Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) despite the fact that Kony has been indicted by the ICC, International Criminal Court, for "crimes against humanity." These crimes include, murder, torture, child enslavement, rape, mutilation, and abduction. It is estimated that over the past 23 years, he has conscripted over 30,000 children to build his child soldier army. Included in this number are thousands of girls, some as young as ten, who have been turned into sex slaves. The record of horrors of the LRA are well-documented, but that didn't stop Rush from jumping to their defense.

Moreover Rush is factually inaccurate when he stated, "...they (the LRA) are fighting Muslims in the Sudan." Wrong. The LRA is fighting for the Muslims in Sudan. Indeed, they were partially underwritten by Khartoum to kill the Christian Dinkas in Southern Sudan.

To compound this intellectual felony, Rush actually read the "stated objectives" of the LRA, "to end dictatorship..." The state objectives of the LRA are mere words on paper. In reality, this child army and its messianic, maniacal leader have waged a reign of terror responsible for the displacement of two million Ugandans, and the murders of thousands of innocent civilians. Put in the key words "LRA" "mutilations" to see their work.

Further, Rush questions what our "national security interests" are in Uganda. One has to wonder if this man even bothers to read a newspaper. The Ugandan government is on the front line battling Al-Qaida in Africa. And they've paid a price for it, as the 2010 bombing in Kampala by Al-Qaida attested. The government of Uganda is fighting Al-Qaida in Africa so we don't have to. And this monster, Joseph Kony, has been trying for decades to destabilize this valuable ally that fights daily against terror.

But again, none of this matters because according to Rush "The LRA are Christians" and President Obama has no business trying to eradicate them. Limbaugh owes an apology to everyone who has fought and continues to fight against the evil of terror for his hideous apologia for the LRA.

What is so stunning about Limbaugh's rant is that a child could Wiki "LRA" and in mere seconds have a working understanding about its reign of terror. But Rush and his ilk don't care about facts. They are propagandists and the people who worship at the Limbaugh altar are fools. This bloviating, one-semester of college, intellectual charlatan is an embarrassment to legitimate conservatism. He should be renounced his fulsome support of this terrorist organization. Sex slavery, murder, mutilation, abduction, and torture have the full support of Rush Limbaugh because LRA has "Lord" in the name of the organization and because the President is against them. This simplistic analysis of complex world problems is a regular feature of Rush Limbaugh's program; most of his blather is as innocuous as it is vacuous. But in this case, speaking up for this mass murderer, Joseph Kony, is a bridge too far, even for media con artist like Rush Limbaugh. He has jumped in bed with a murdering mutilator of women and children. How can Limbaugh have any more credibility after this insane endorsement?