11/17/2010 05:38 pm ET Updated Dec 18, 2014

Top 10 Wines for Your Thanksgiving Table

Everybody has a suggestion. Is this what we're thankful for? Mass confusion when faced with a roasted bird? I know how the news cycle works and I know the best way to get attention is to be outlandish, which probably explains why every year there is a new "best" wine for Thanksgiving.

Come on folks, the menu hasn't changed in years! Thanksgiving should be about sharing the day with friends and family, and the quintessential All-American comfort foods. The bottom line is that the wine you like is the best wine for your Thanksgiving but, in case you are searching through all the options, I thought this would be a good time break down some of the classic pairings for Thanksgiving.

Share your favorite food and wine pairings for Thanksgiving in the comments.

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