01/31/2014 06:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Subtle Evangelist - Part II

When I wrote an essay entitled "The Subtle Evangelist" and posted it on Huffington Post I wasn't prepared for the comments that said my internal clock was striking an empty note.


The essay told the story of my "56" pin which I proudly wear on my lapel to remember the 56 Million babies that have lost their lives to abortion. I am not an overt person, yet the pin causes me to speak up when people ask what the pin represents. "It is my reminder to pray for the 56 million babies that were not born due to abortion." Not being controversial by nature every time I utter those words I feel a slight discomfort and at the same time pride that I am able to say them.

The reactions have been very enlightening. I have been wearing the pin for many months now and have only encountered one person who was less then pleased with my words, not dramatically so, but clearly not in agreement. Overwhelmingly I have seen acknowledgement and understanding. So much so that I have amended my responses by adding "It kind of changes the conversation. Doesn't it?" meaning that putting such a large number in the statement points to the monstrousness of abortion. It is my hope that those I encounter will be moved to pray for the end of the madness or at the very least become more aware of the scope of the issue.

Still, I have been told in comments to my published essay that I am hiding behind the pin and that my quiet evangelism is less than what is needed. One such comment... "Get to a woman's shelter and help the living Moms and children" and another, "You are just patting yourself on the back for wearing a pin."

I felt challenged. I yielded to introspection and some heavy thinking. Maybe I am being called, pushed and prodded to take a harder look at my own professed "quiet evangelism." Am I now being asked to find a louder voice?

Short of lightning striking me I don't anticipate this is my "Road to Damascus" moment. Yet, it is a time for reflection. St. Paul was instantly and forever changed by his encounter with Christ on that famous road. As attractive as that might sound I just don't think that is in the cards for me. However, I was moved to develop the "56" pin idea, have it produced and wear it. All of which heretofore would have been so out of character for me. I don't attend marches, rallies or demonstrations of any kind. I don't rant and argue. I don't abide extremes of any kind. I am proud of my ability to wear the pin, yet my truth is being challenged. How am I really helping?

The fire inside me is being fanned, no longer a mere ember but a coming flame. I sense my reactions to statements claiming "reproductive rights" or "pro-choice" rhetoric changing everyday. Am I being changed slowly? Or am I still hiding behind my pin?

As of now I don't think I am being asked to find a stump in the town square and preach to passersby's. It is yet to be seen how and where I will be moved next. I am hoping it will not be the "57" pin I also had made to wear when and if the number of unborn babies lost to abortion crosses the 57 million threshold. I am sure that number will have a sincere impact on me. It will be interesting to see what road I wind up on then. I will be looking for directions.

Greg Demetriou writes essays and articles on various topics and has been published in many different publications. He is the CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications Group and Marketing and Communications company assisting small and middle market companies with effective messaging and outreach. You can learn more about him at his website.