04/22/2015 12:16 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2015

Benghazi House Committee Should Not Politicize Its Report by Waiting Until 2016

Gabriella Demczuk via Getty Images

I have no idea what the Benghazi House Committee will find or conclude, but delaying their findings and conclusion until 2016 is wrong.

Don't tell me this investigation can not get finished in 2015. Dragging the investigation into 2016 looks political -- and worse, reports are that the Committee's report will be released right before the 2016 election. That looks awful. It sends a bad message about fairness. Perception matters -- big time!

I have done big investigations and if you want an investigation finished by a certain date, you can get that done.

Here are some tips: The Committee can skip taking that five week August recess if they need extra time. They may even want to use weekends. I suspect you work weekends when you have a deadline. I do.

And if the Committee claims that Secretary Clinton or the State Department is not cooperative, not responding to requests, and is thus impeding the investigation's completion timeliness, there is a remedy. She should cooperate. And if she does not? Lack of cooperation should be one of the specific findings (with documentation) in the Committee report (to be finished in 2015.) And just like in court, with a demonstrable lack of cooperation, it is fair to draw an adverse inference against her (and the State Department and anyone else not cooperating.) Fair (must be fair) adverse inferences are powerful. They say a lot! Often you don't need much more.

The same is true for the Committee. If the Committee fails to get the report finished this year, rather than in the election year of 2016, it is fair to draw an adverse inference against the Committee -- an adverse inference of playing politics. Let me repeat, fair (must be fair) adverse inferences are powerful. They sat a lot! Often you don't need much more.

Whatever the findings are in this investigation -- it will forever be plagued by allegations of unfairness, and politics if this investigation is dragged into 2016. That would not be fair to the American people.