09/05/2012 11:41 am ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

Will We Ever Have a President Who Went to a Community College?

I was lucky, I went to some pretty good schools (University of Wisconsin and Georgetown Law School). One thing I learned going to those two schools and teaching in a law school, and rubbing shoulders all these years with people who went to similar schools or even much fancier ones, is that graduates of fancy schools don't have a monopoly on being smart or having good common sense or even good ideas and strong leadership skills. There is a giant pool of other people -- yes, those who went to a community college or maybe no college -- who are really smart. I regret we don't tap into this pool more often for ideas and for leadership.

In many instances you go to fancy schools because you can -- your family has money, or you have scholarship or a special mentor, or your family guided you there because they knew about those schools. Some families don't even think those schools are within reach and so we never get to experience the leadership skills of their family member.

I am certainly not criticizing those who seize the opportunity and go to fancy schools -- but merely lamenting the fact that we miss the opportunity to experience the great skills and leadership of those who did not. Not everything is learned in a classroom -- and all A's doesn't mean you have the answers for everyone else. It means you are good at tests. I think practical real life experience is much more valuable.

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