06/27/2012 04:07 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2012

Free Advice to Naughty Politicians -- 10AM Is Your Lucky Number

If you are cheating on a spouse, enjoying a too cozy relationship with someone, have a tax problem, double dipping in your campaign fund or anything else that is politically explosive and soon to get out and torpedo your career... go public with it tomorrow at exactly 10am.

Why? Because beginning tomorrow at 10am, the entire media (and I mean the entire media!) is going to be consumed with the Supreme Court health care decision and the Attorney General Eric Holder contempt vote. Any other news -- including dirt on politicians -- will be dwarfed by the health care and Holder news. We just don't have time for it.

Let me repeat... if you are a politician and have a personal problem that will crucify you politically... release that information at 10am tomorrow. You will get the least amount of attention.

And if you don't take my advice? And if you roll the dice and risk letting it come out mid summer when there is no other news, get ready! We will have lots and lots of time for it then..and you can expect everyone in the media will be calling everybody about you -- including your First Grade teacher.

You pick... tomorrow at 10am or else.

Am I wrong?

Cross-posted from GretaWire.