09/24/2012 07:25 pm ET Updated Nov 24, 2012

Give State Department's Philippe Reines a Break

You may heard have that the State Department's Philippe Reines sent off an email with profanity to a member of the press as he responded to questions to the member of the media about the State Department's handling of the Libya crisis. Some are jumping him for losing his temper. Give Philippe a break. I know Philippe. He works hard for the American people. He is a good guy. He just got angry.

Don't forget -- these are very, very difficult times for people at the State Department for many reasons, including that many of them knew the ambassador who was murdered and feel a huge loss beyond what we may realize.

Yes, Philippe used profanity in responding to the media but who hasn't used profanity in his or her life, right? And if you haven't used it, and especially with the media, you might have thought about using it, right?

Don't forget: the shoe was on the other foot recently. Governor Mitt Romney's traveling press secretary Rick Gorka lost his temper and cursed out the media in Poland. Big deal --who cares that Rick Gorka lost his temper and cursed out the media (the media can be annoying...)?

So Rick lost his temper. And yes, so did Philippe. So what. It happens. People get angry. You might get angry. I do.

Bottom line -- Philippe works hard (and so does Rick). They both are probably exhausted with no sleep and much pressure. So, can we move on?