06/25/2013 09:13 am ET Updated Aug 25, 2013

Note to Washington (House/Senate and President): Are You Listening?

Democrats think they have dodged the political bullet -- but have they? Do they have the same problem Republicans have?

I travel a lot (too much?) and I run into many people who tell me they are Democrats. Since I am forever curious and love to engage in conversation and they know it, many volunteer to me that, while they identify themselves as Democrats and are liberal on social issues, they are actually conservative on fiscal issues and really, really care about those fiscal issues. They hate waste and hate absurd spending on projects that have proven not to work. They worry about the fiscal health of the nation, not just for national security issues now, but for their children.

Bingo! They are Tea Party members -- whether they know it or not or whether they want to admit it or not. The Tea Party was started (or re-started?) a few years back when many Americans took a look at our country's financial condition and the growing size of government. If you step back and take a good look at it, the Tea Party movement was not spawned by a social issue like abortion or gay marriage.

Tea Party members have been demonized by both political parties but they are not out tossing molotov cocktails. They are peacefully exercising their First Amendment right to be heard and redress their government. They are not even pushing some agenda for some controversial social issue. For the most part, they are hard working (most employed and, if not, they would like to be) and they are worried.

But you know what? I think the political party leadership in both parties should be worried -- the Tea Party comes from both political parties and is growing and it packs a punch.

Think about this: The Occupy Wall Street movement was also vilified and it was not too far from the Tea Party in that their concern was the influence of Wall Street on our nation's finances. They are also good Americans exercising their freedom of speech.

Both groups want to talk about what Washington does not -- so what does Washington do? Make them out to be bad and kooks. Maybe Washington should listen...