09/19/2012 01:16 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Of Course We Could Do Better Here in the USA

... but I think those using the phrase "war on women" ought to look around the world and see what a REAL "war on women" is like and stop the exaggerated political drama here.

Do you see how women are treated in Middle Eastern countries? By the Taliban in Afghanistan? Or how about North Korea? Or China? Baby girls are left to die in China because girls are not deemed as valuable as boys. In Saudi Arabia a woman needs permission from her husband, father or brother to get a mammogram... and if a woman does get permission, she can't drive herself to get the mammogram. She has to get a male to drive her. Add this: even if a woman does get permission for a mammogram and something is discovered it does not mean her husband will give her permission to have it removed. And how about the trafficking in women that goes on all around the world every single day? Do you have any idea how many women are sold in the sex trade?

I have traveled the world and I have seen some pretty awful treatment of women. I have even done the "unthinkable" -- traveled without a male escort on a Middle Eastern airlines! I could feel the bad vibes for eight hours and that is completely tame compared to what women go through in some countries every second of the day.

With all that goes on in other countries, where there is a REAL "war on women," it really is hard to take seriously those politicians now using the phrase "war on women" to win an election or scare women.

Women should have equal and fair treatment every place -- including the USA. Yes, the USA has some work to do in that department, but I find it cheapening and demeaning that women are now being used as a political pawn in this election. We are just not that dumb. We want fair treatment. We want jobs. We want opportunity. We don't want to be used.

PS: Roe v. Wade has now been in effect for about 40 years. Stop scaring pro-choice women into thinking that their abortion rights are in danger.