BusinessWeek Recognizes Global Citizen Journalism on GroundReport

NEW YORK-- BusinessWeek recognized citizen journalism platform as one of America's "most promising' social enterprises in a feature on "enterprising individuals who apply business practices to solving societal problems."

GroundReport, a platform for global citizen reporting with the mission to democratize the media, was founded in 2006 and features on-the-ground coverage from 4,000 contributors around the globe. The site shares revenues from advertising and syndication with contributors based on quality and traffic. BusinessWeek quotes GroundReport founding Chief Executive Officer Rachel Sterne, stating:

"I thought there must be a better way for people to share stories, create emotional engagements about the world, as well as break the barriers of censorship and media bias," she says. Her answer: democratize news publishing.

GroundReport's past coverage has included breaking updates during the Mumbai terrorist attacks, livestreamed video of protests from the Beijing Olympics, and most recently, Taliban activity and drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal regions.

Inspired by Sterne's stint reporting on the United Nations Security Council in 2005, GroundReport is distinguished by its high quality standards and pioneering video technology . Visit the site to learn more about GroundReport.