Ghana Outcry Over Ex-President's 'Greedy' Demands

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Days after leaving office, the former president of Ghana, John Kufour, is now at the center of public discontent over what he should get as an ex gratia award.

What was recommended and controversially approved by Parliament was thought to be unimaginable for a president of a developing country. Some have described the list as outrageous.

The list include six brand new cars to be maintained by the state and replaced every four years, two houses, $1 million USD for a foundation (no one is clear of what it will be), an office with staff paid by the state, and 60 days of international travels at the expense of the state etc etc.

Most people in the country have expressed shock due to the fact that there are problems with the economy. There are also problems about public sector wages.

The impression being created is that politics is not for serving one's country, but rather for personal gains. The issue has been well brought into focus as people heard about what George Bush, ex-president of America, did not take as ex gratia.

The president is not the only person to be rewarded, his vice as well as ministers also have some entitlements. If the new government pays all that, the country will collapse.

People are watching to see what the new president will say.

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