08/05/2006 10:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

This Dem's Ocracy in Iraq

Ok. Close your eyes! I've got a little gift for you.

It's something you really don't want, and something you never really asked for. Oh, and the best part, this little gift is really going to fuck you up ... big time! Yeah, that's right - much less security, much more uncertainty coming your way.

And then, get this. Three years from now, I'm going to make some demands on your gifted ass.

First, that you repay me, because this precious gift I gave you cost me dearly. Second, that you sing my praises; and thirdly, that you think the way I think - no matter what I think.

Think not? Well, think again...

Because that's the latest message from contradiction party member, NY Congressman Tim Bishop, who expressed these "hopes" prior to Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki's recent speech to Congress:

First, and most important, that [Al-Maliki state that] Iraq is indebted to America for the sacrifice of its 2,550 sons and daughters;

Second, that he [Al-Maliki] regrets and retracts his comments about Israel;

But when MSNBC's Contessa Brewer reminded Bishop that Al-Maliki was now a leader of a supposedly sovereign nation, and perhaps couldn't just be embitched, as it were (much like France, she said, an ally that also expresses its own opinions) ... Bishop balked:

Brewer: Why are you so opposed to a leader of a different country - this is a sovereign nation now- expressing a different opinion?

Bishop: This is a nation that has its sovereignty as a result of an enormous amount of sacrifice ...

Brewer: So you just want them to tow the line?

Bishop: I would ... we would like ... one of the reasons given for our invasion of Iraq was that to create a democratic Iraq would shift the region in a pro-Israel direction. That's clearly not happening.

Ownership! Just not sure what kinda ocracy (a democracy sans the dem) this dude's pushin' ...