07/24/2012 05:59 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2012

Get Smashed and Get Wise

Unless you're an undertaker, you're probably interested in actively growing your customer base.

Thursday's SMASH Summit will show you how to up your user growth and improve your customer acquisition. Hosted by 500 Startups and Next Customer, the one-day affair will see high-wattage speakers like Fred Wilson and Dave McClure advise start-ups in using platforms like Twitter and Facebook to fuel growth.

"Every time I meet with startups, I keep seeing this question of customer acquisition," Jay Weintraub, Next Customer founder and self-described SMASH Summit evangelist, told us. "I want the conference to inspire the current wave of entrepreneurs about how they can build their business."

Among the can't-miss presentations are Ari Lewine's "Pinterest Is So Hawt Right Now: Data & Tactics 4 Visual Acquisition" and "Cinderella Man: When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Figure That Shit Out," from OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter.

"There's an incredible value with the conference," Weintraub said. "Just consider the speakers in the room." And speaking of incredible values, Wakefield readers can receive a 20 percent discount on tickets when they register -- just input the code SMASH20295 when you make your purchase.

Now go forth (and Hulk SMASH!).

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