01/23/2013 04:10 pm ET Updated Mar 25, 2013

Photos For Everyone. And Everything.

New York's Aviary brings its tech to big business

A well trafficked axiom in startup circles suggests that in a gold rush, selling pickaxes is your best chance to strike it rich. It's hard to find a better example of that than photo-editor platform Aviary.

Founded in 2007, Aviary began life as a consumer app, allowing users to customize and enhance their photos on the web or the phone. While the company found some success, it wasn't until Aviary started licensing their technology to partners like Twitter, Flickr, and Walgreens - amidst a tsunami in photo app growth - that the business really took off.

A little over a year later, more than 2,500 companies use Aviary's tech to power their photo editing, and there are more than 25 million monthly users of Aviary's products.

Aviary's founders have been in the photo space for over a decade, having created Worth 1000, the massively popular image manipulation contest site. "Our mission is to democratize creativity," those sites' co-founder Avi Muchnick said. "We want everyone in the world to feel artistic. We're going to accomplish that by providing our photo-editing SDK to every single app where people use photos to express themselves."

Aviary is hiring for six open positions, in both engineering and product. Get the details here.

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