08/21/2012 01:00 pm ET Updated Oct 21, 2012

Shelby Comin' Around the Mountain

What's your workplace mantra? For Apple employees it's "Think different." For Kinko's, it's apparently "I can't help you with that." New York startup just emerged from a process of defining their own.

Shelby is an online service that centralizes the videos shared by your friends and followers on social media. The company was born in 2011 - four co-founders, four desks, and a drum set. Early on company culture was just a collection of obscure in-jokes among the founders.

But now, after strong traction and a big capital raise, the staff totals eleven full-timers and three interns. And as the staff grew, those shared experiences (and implicit understanding of culture) no longer extended to the whole team. "So we're trying to codify it without making it stilted," Shelby's co-founder and CEO Reece Pacheco told us, "We spent the last few months figuring out what we're about."

"We went through sessions with the whole team at the end of every Thursday where we'd crack a beer and talk about it," Pacheco continued, "But once we had the central ideas in place we had to actually articulate them in a sticky way."

The end product, and core of Shelby's ethos, now is: "Just fucking build it." Pacheco elaborated, "It's cool to see people use it in conversation. We'll discuss how something should be done, and ultimately it comes down to 'JFBI.'"

Shelby made news recently, announcing an entire relaunch of the platform. Read about it here and sign up for the new beta here (code: "WANT").

Now go forth (and, um, build it).

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