10/24/2012 05:22 pm ET Updated Dec 24, 2012

Why It's OK to Draw on Your Shoes

BucketFeet's custom shoes and the artists behind them

Some people are really in to shoes. Imelda Marcos was weirdly, psychotically in to shoes. Suri Cruise has a collection purportedly worth $150,000 (she's six).

The founders at BucketFeet are also in to shoes -- with a different angle. They source unique designs from artists and put them on comfortable, reasonably priced shoes (think Vans, but more you).

Founders Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani met volunteering in a slum outside Buenos Aires. Firestein had been drawing on his shoes since college (to great fanfare on Facebook) and gave Nemani a pair of his own before he set out to travel around the world. Nemani -- who had left a career in finance -- got compliments as he traveled, the two kept in touch, and eventually agreed to turn it into a business focused on original designs and offering artists a platform for exposure.

And artists have leapt at the opportunity. Brazilian artist Ment recently designed a pair called Vidaboa that flew off the shelves so quickly, the BucketFeet team didn't have time to set aside a pair for Ment himself (they're rectifying that soon, with Ment designing another shoe where'll get first dibs).

Find BucketFeet on their site, Trunk Club, and a number of other retailers.

Now go forth (and lace up).

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