10/10/2012 07:19 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2012

A Special Thank You to the Cast of 'Won't Back Down' for Giving Disenfranchised Parents and Children a National Voice

As an everyday parent, I had the pleasure of attending the red carpet premiere of the Won't Back Down
movie. It was my second time viewing the movie and the same overwhelming urge to fight for the well being of children was just as strong as the first time I saw the movie. And the same emotions of fear,
laughter, anger, happiness and anxiety crept through my body again.

It was so easy for a parent, like me, to identify with the fear that the fictional single parent played by
Maggie Gyllenhaal felt in not having the access or means to get her child the resources needed to
effectively support her child's educational needs. Or the anxiety in knowing that the efforts she put
forth to ensure all children like her daughter received access to a great school of nurturing and learning
would be met with retaliation and lots of "misinformation" and isolation.

Yet, with all the obstacles faced by Maggie Gyllenhaal the fictional parent, and Viola Davis, the fictional
teacher they managed to band together with the community and put the needs of the children ahead of
personal fears, egos and smear campaigns.

I must say, for this cast of the Won't Back Down movie, to take on these fictional character roles during
such volatile times where the issue of reforming education has taken on such a toxic, political and
polarized climate that appears to be all about the adults and not children is commendable and brave!

It takes a special someone to have the moral courage to really PUT children first above the wrath
directed at them as a result of the politics of education reform.

And for that I say a special thank you to ALL cast members, including children actors and support staff
for giving parents and their children a national voice on the national education playing field.

This feature film type of parent empowerment movie is a FIRST of its kind and will set the stage for
parents and guardians of children across the country to discuss

WHY Parents Won't Back Down from:

1. Improving Parent/Family Engagement within schools to ensure student academic and life

2. Ensuring ALL children has equal access to high quality and safe educational opportunities by
ENDING separate and unequal school systems.

3. Effective teachers and principals having access to relevant professional development to support
their needs and the needs of their students, just to name a few.

Thank you to the entire cast of "Won't Back Down" for telling the story of millions of parents and
community across the country.

If you are a parent or guardian of child or concerned individual, join the parent empowerment
movement to ensure ALL children have access to great and safe schools.

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