09/20/2007 06:37 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bush's Ego is a Sorry Altar Before Which to Lay our Dead

Last night Republican Senators placed loyalty to George Bush and the Republican Party before National Security and the US Military. Cutting and running from the true cost of war, Senate Republicans literally sold out our military. The simple truth, made very evident to me by our own troops, is that our troops are worn, tired and fear no one is supporting them. They worry that no one is looking to the future of the nation. According to David M. Herszenhorn in the New York Times Senator Hagel said: "We are destroying our force structure." Sounds the same to me. Last night the Republican Senators voted to support a presidential strategy whose sole goal is to allow this president to slink out of office with the Iraq War in full flower. The right wing theory is that if Bush can maintain Iraq until he leaves office, Bush, and more important the Republican Party, then can claim the "others" "lost" Iraq. National security matters not, welfare of the US military matters not. What matters is fear of losing power. Bush's ego and Republican Party welfare are sorry altars upon which to lay the bodies of our soldiers and our wounded.

While Republican Senators cavorted in men's rooms and with call girls, I viewed yet another coffin of a valiant soldier shipped unceremoniously home to his small town and grieving child. My feelings? ABSOLUTE RAGE! This Regime's incompetence is cause enough but President Bush's, and now the Republican senators', failure to alter course causes me to question their mental competency. But even this is not the source of my rage.

The source of my rage is the absolute refusal of the Bush regime and Republican Senators, to provide adequate resources; instead they grind our military forces into the ground. Tired soldiers get killed and tired soldiers do stupid things. If we even accept the Bush Regime's logic that this is THE fight of our generation, then we MUST question Bush's, and now the Republican senators', fitness to lead. Why have Bush and the Republican Senators, not demanded growth in the military? This is being called the "long war". Why do we not have the size army needed for the long war? Why are we essentially disarming the nation? Why are our troops not being rested, retrained and reequipped? President Bush and Republicans' literally are abandoning our military and placing our national in great danger.

This week, I spent time with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. What a dose of reality! Veterans, from senior field grade marine officers to National Guard specialists, joined VoteVets and showed up in Washington DC committed to speaking out, not against war, but against incompetence. Not anti military but strongly pro military! Demanding a stronger military and better national security. These troops want to go after Osama and al Qaeda and to defend the nation. Last night, Republican senators spat in their faces and the face of every soldier, their wives, their significant others and their children. These veterans joined VoteVets because they could no longer stand by while their fellows and their nation were abandoned by the Bush Regime.

Enough! If Congress not able to force an end to Bush's, and now the Republican Senators', War in Iraq, I urge Congress to demand and to force Bush to rest, equip and train our troops while maintaining their families. No more games; no more lip service; no more slighting our wounded. The plain clear course now is to attach the Hegal/Webb or similar amendment to EVERY bill. It will be the cowardly Republican Senators who stop Congress and shut down the government not Democrats and certainly not the people.