07/08/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

This is Obama's Time...

...and quiet time for Republicans.

In the national elections of 1932, the nation paused, evaluated and reversed course to a better future. Republicans ran from, but could not escape, the taint of Hooverism. In disgust, virtually every corner of the country voted for Democrats and change. Now, America is poised for exactly this magnitude of change. Across America, voters clearly demonstrated that this election is about two things: change and competency.

Even though the stock market crash was in 1928 it wasn't until the 1932 national elections that the American people paused, decided and turned the country completely around. In 2006, the country edged toward change. Now, we as a people realize that the extreme conservatism dominating the Republican Party produces only division and incompetence. We are demanding a reversal of course. Two quick examples, a group of evangelical citizens who supported Santorum allow me to join them for the occasional breakfast. The leader of the group said we have decided not to vote for ANY Republicans. Stunned I asked why and was told; "They need quiet time for how they messed up the country." Second, a local politically active military veteran and rabid Republican whom I like and with whom I often trade political barbs told me that he would now vote for "my guy." Stunned yet again, I asked if he meant Obama and his reply was yes. The old veteran said the country is really messed up and we need change.

The people see that Rovian tactics and strategy which emphasize division and conflict only provide failed, incompetent government. This 2008 campaign is about performance, not ideology. You can hear screams from the usual right wing chorus that Obama has the most liberal voting record in the Senate. Even if true, who cares? All the better to toss out the failed right wing agenda and turn this country in a completely different direction.

Obama is a strong honest candidate who inspires an enthusiasm seldom seen and generates a hope reminiscent of the Kennedy Days. I supported Hillary but the American People decided -- they don't want cautious change they demand complete change, a 180 degree turnaround. Fine with me, let's get going.

Join me in tossing out the old and bringing in the new. I just signed up with Veterans for Obama and I am reporting for duty. I invite anyone who believes our military and country deserve better to join me.