04/27/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Hoover Dems Are Breaking...

The new coalition of "conservadems" have decided that less than 3 months into Democratic control of the government that they have had enough. They have towed Obama's barge and carry his water far enough! I mean, What do you expect? It's been nearly seven weeks and aside from the stock market going up, first time home sales rising and a 68% approval rating... things are still horrible! Egads! (Clearly their leader Evan Bayh took the shock that he was not going to be VP a lot harder than we knew.)

And this is a serious group of Democrats by the way! I mean Joe Lieberman is one. Y'know the guy who sided with Bush, spoke at the RNC and sh*t-talked Obama every chance he got until 3 days after election day. This is a seriously principled group!

To make sure we new they were bubbling over with principles, they released a press release that they distributed as a WaPo Op-ed. It was meant to reassure Democratic voters and people in the blogosphere who would surely misconstrue their purpose, and view them as hostile, simply because they appear to want to jump up and down on any significant change until it stops moving or taps out.

One of the funnier things about them, and by funny I mean aimless and depressing, was that the Op-ed they penned in the Washington Post is called...get this...

Building Bridges On The Hill

...let's not even get into the idiotic metaphor. (...Okay.. let's...You build bridges between hills. Not on them. Right? That's like "Islands in the sand" or "holes in the ocean"... the kind of dumb metaphors that make for great Seventies Gold Hits but make for... er.. stupid Op-ed titles.) You'd think after 8 years of things called "The Patriot Act" and "No Child Left Behind" they would know that we have figured out the "Call it what it ain't" PR ploy by now,

Here's the first memorable quote... after they spend 2 small paragraphs telling us not to worry, that they split with the rest of the Dems and Obama to... Help!... they say...

These are titanic and complicated tasks, and we believe that many worthwhile policy solutions can be found in the practical center

"Practical Center" aside..they actually have the gall to use the word "TITANIC" when describing the presidents plans. What?!? Titanic! That's cute. Guess what? That makes you the iceberg!

They wrap it up with this little gem.

In 1993, the three of us, as much younger politicians, stood with great expectations as the last Democratic president was sworn in with big plans, a head of steam and a Democratic Congress ready to begin a new progressive era. In less than two years, it all came crashing down, with disillusioned moderate voters handing the GOP broad congressional victories in 1994.

First. Don't you mean "stood by"? And secondly this is not the 90s! That new Pearl Jam Album you see advertised everywhere is A DIGITALLY MASTERED RERELEASE! It's not a new record! You have not fallen through a time portal. You have not been given a do-over. The problems we face economically right now make the tech bubble look like the shock you get when you realize how much the Columbia 12 CDs for a penny plan actually costs.

By now we know, thanks to the fine folks at Firedoglake that Evan Bayh's VP chances were more than likely sunk because of his propensity for crap like this one other thing... What was it?... oh yeah..Goldman Sachs gave him $123,750 from 03-08 along with heavy contributions from other industries that have "nothing" to do with the crisis we are in...
Securities & Investment $1,005,186
Real Estate $432,200
Misc Finance $255,701
Insurance $241,748

oh...AND his wife works for E-trade and made $335,000 from a company called Wellpoint that opposes health care reform to the tune of $890,000 in lobbying under the Bush Admin. But I'm certain that over a quarter of a million dollars in potentially lost income would have no effect on Bayh and his "moderate" plans to move Obama to the "Practical center". Yeesh.

It seems that the members of this group who aren't getting huge lobbyist funds to oppose Obama's plans either have a bad case of Helsinki syndrome or worse -- and possibly closer to the truth -- they never wanted to go along with these plans in the first place and, using the cloak of fiscal conservatism, now they can continue the soft obstruction they were trained to perform under Bush without constraint.

No one expects lock step behavior. Honestly. But this kind of grandstanding is just cheap political theatrics paired with old school CYA.... quote the redneck kid I used to be.. "It's ShickenChit"