08/01/2011 05:10 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2011

Liberate Yourself from Your Own Inner Debt Crisis

With nations struggling to deal with ever-increasing debt, does it feel like you are being left behind? Do you look at your own life and see an impending crisis? Do you sometimes wish you could get out of your situation and actually start anew?

We are living in a time of unprecedented change and opportunity. The US is fighting over raising the debt ceiling while ignoring that, even if it does, there are many trillions of dollars of other obligations that are not being addressed. Greece is rebelling against austerity, and Italy and Spain are on the brink of collapse. The old systems are crumbling while our politicians are dancing their own dance, out of step with each other and with what is happening around them.

Our own lives are also filled with greater challenges. Jobs are scarce. Housing prices are still falling. And many of the old institutions and perspectives that we used to draw our comfort and security from are falling by the wayside. If you look inside yourself, you're probably feeling your own earthquake or tsunami of rising emotional turmoil.

This time is an opportunity for us all to either let go and embrace the new or hold on and go down with a sinking ship. What do you choose? Are going to continue to fight for the old ways of doing things or are you willing to look into your own heart and embrace the new, that is, embrace the power and certainty that can only be accessed in this moment with an open heart and mind? The choice is yours.

I would recommend that you start looking outside of what appeared to work in the past and discover what is appropriate now. We all have tremendous power and resources right within us. If we stop fighting with each other and our environment, we'll discover that there is super abundance available from nature and many solutions to both our global and personal problems waiting to be discovered right here, right now.

If you look inside into the now, you'll discover that beyond the noise of the mind is your intuitive knowingness and clear reason. These will shine through and show you the way.

Here's just one process that can help you get started. I would also recommend that you find your own tools, techniques and perspectives to help you find your own way.

  1. Allow yourself to think of one of your current challenges or one of the challenges we all are facing.
  2. In this moment, can you simply allow yourself to welcome whatever thoughts, feelings or beliefs this brings into awareness? In other words, just stop fighting for a moment and notice what is actually here now.
  3. Could you allow yourself to welcome all your desire to fix or change this, all desire to do something with or about this? Note: I am not saying not to take appropriate action. This is simply welcoming the energy that may be in the way.
  4. Could you welcome any sense that this is personal, about you or who or what you are? I know it feels personal. I'm not asking you deny that. What I'm suggesting is that if we welcome how personal we've made this challenge, we can see beyond the personal to the universal solution.
  5. Could you allow yourself to welcome your intuitive knowingness and clear reason and invite this inner power to lead you to a solution? You can also ask yourself: What is the simplest or most outrageous action you can take right now to move beyond this challenge? The more we open to our own clear reason and knowingness, the more likely we are to find real, lasting solutions.
  6. Now allow yourself to get into any constructive action.

If we all start letting go, both individually and together, in the ways we find most helpful, the more likely we are to start taking new and creative actions to move beyond our current constraints and challenges. If we all start working together toward the highest and best good, anything and everything is possible.

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