09/02/2012 10:13 am ET Updated Nov 02, 2012

Success Tips: Push Past Your Fear!

Most of us would love to be more successful, yet we often feel stuck at our current level of success or feel that just getting by is always going to be the way we live our lives. We watch the news and see the statistics about what is going on in the world, and we can feel there is not much we can do to truly change our fortune.

No matter your current level of success, there are ways for you to eliminate the internal blocks holding you back from living life more fully, as opposed to watching life pass you by.

We all share common blocks. Just by seeing that these blocks are only thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, you can let them go and start to break free. If you allow yourself to do even a little conscious exploration of these apparent obstacles, you can discover that nothing can truly hold you back unless you allow it.

The following are the four most common inner obstacles to success:

1) Giving Up Before You Have Even Started
It is important to learn from our past successes and failures; however, most of us let them dictate what we attempt and how we approach the possibility of success. We often do not even try to move forward if the circumstances mirror past situations we feel we have not mastered. This all results in us backing through life rather than moving forward with open hearts and minds. We avoid the new and keep repeating the same strategies that have either failed or brought mediocrity in the past, while hoping for a different result.

2) Letting Fear Decide
We often let our fears, doubts, and anxieties decide for us how to succeed without checking to see if they are true. A friend told me that great adage: FEAR equals False Evidence Appearing Real. If we challenge the validity of our fears, we can discover that most are either completely unfounded, highly exaggerated, or can be easily overcome. Fear is just a feeling that we can let go of if we choose. When we stop letting our fear dictate what we can or cannot do, we find all sorts of new possibilities opening up.

3) Following the Herd
Most of us live life following the herd. We are like lemmings following our brethren off the cliff. The news and our friends tell us times are rough, and we earnestly believe them and act accordingly. Yet even in the worst of times, some people are still succeeding and even thriving. This is not to say that you ignore facts and pretend all is well when it is not. You simply examine the facts with clear reason and openness to your intuitive knowingness and discover what is true for you. When you allow yourself to challenge conventional beliefs about the state of the world, you can start to uncover the opportunities that are here for you right now.

4) Allowing Yourself To Be Sold
We are being sold all the time (even by ourselves), and when we buy the latest pitch, it can sometimes have disastrous results. When we buy the pitch of others, we often spend money we do not have. We can also start to feel like we are not enough or do not have enough, even when the opposite is obviously true. When we sell ourselves, we can plunge blindly into bad investments and stay with bad career choices long past the time that we should be covering our losses or changing our directions. In both cases, we feed our lust by imagining how great it would be for things to turn out well while ignoring all the signs that things are going in the opposite direction.

All four of these common blocks are not as real as they appear. By being open to this understanding, you will start letting them go.

Here's a process you can use to go beyond these blocks. I also recommend that you find your own tools, techniques, and perspectives to help you find your way.

  1. Allow yourself to think of how any one of the four blocks is affecting your success right now. (You can repeat this on all four blocks as well any others.)
  2. In this moment, can you simply allow yourself to welcome whatever thoughts, feelings, or beliefs this brings into awareness? In other words, just stop fighting for a moment and notice what is actually here now.
  3. Could you allow yourself to welcome all of your desire to fix or change this and all of your desire to do something with or about this? Note that I am not saying that you should not take appropriate action -- this is simply welcoming the energy that may be in the way.
  4. Could you welcome any sense that this is personal -- about you or who or what you are? I know it feels personal. I'm not asking you deny that. I'm suggesting that if we welcome how personal we've made this apparent block, we can see beyond the personal to what is your highest and best good in this moment.
  5. Could you allow yourself to welcome your intuitive knowingness and clear reason and invite this inner power to lead you to a solution? You can also ask yourself: What is the simplest or most outrageous action you can take right now to move beyond this block? The more we open to our own clear reason and knowingness, the more likely we are to find real, lasting solutions.
  6. Now allow yourself to get into any constructive action.

As we allow ourselves to move beyond our blocks to success, we can start to find creative and intelligent ways to allow more success into our lives and the lives of those we care about. There are always more possibilities than it may seem if you are open to them.

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