05/30/2011 09:24 am ET Updated Jul 30, 2011

How to Create Sustainable Success Without Working Harder

Many of us work hard in life in an effort to get ahead and do the right thing. We strive on every level to better ourselves, our situation and our planet. Yet these endeavors to get ahead and improve our lot in life are often met with many roadblocks. There are, of course, challenges and obstacles we face in our external environment; however, there are also insidious unseen obstructions of which we are not even aware. These barriers are the self-constructed limitations we create with our own beliefs.

Once we've fallen into a specific pattern of beliefs through habit, it can feel difficult or even impossible to break free from such a self-imposed box of limitation. We are not conscious of this process, so we just assume that it's always been this way and it always will be. Or that it's just the way it is and we will never, ever be able to change it.

We also tend to avoid the situations in life that bring up the uncomfortable feelings that caused us to create the pattern in the first place. When uncomfortable feelings arise, our tendency is to saunter (if we are trying to play it cool, that is) in the other direction -- or we just unabashedly run the other way. When we avoid our imaginary boundaries in this manner, we tend to reinforce them and eventually forget that we were the ones that made them up in the first place.

You may have heard this story about elephants that describes what we all experience. It is said that elephant trainers tie a baby elephant up to a tree with rope strong enough that the elephant cannot break free. Over time, the elephant just assumes it cannot break free, so it stops challenging the binding. Once the pattern is set, the trainer knows that he can bind the elephant and that based on its memory, the elephant will not challenge the binding. This is why you will see an eight-ton mammal harnessed securely to a tree by a light chain. And we human beings are no different.

One way of dealing with these patterns of belief is to try and replace them with more positive beliefs. This can sometimes be effective; however, it is always at a price. When we attempt to replace a negative belief with a positive one, we are adding to the overall accumulation of beliefs in our system, while not actually eradicating the negative belief -- and this bogs us down even more. Once we start layering our beliefs like this, we must invest more and more energy in mediating all our conflicting beliefs right below the surface of our awareness.

In my experience, if you simply let go of your beliefs, you discover that you do not need to believe in what is true and right for you because there is a part of you that already knows. This knowingness that is in each and every one of us does not need to be imposed upon from the outside; it is naturally right here, right now, shining in plain view and waiting to be uncovered. Once you peel away the false beliefs, the truth naturally and easily reveals itself to you.

Here is a safe and powerful way to challenge self-imposed limitations of belief that inhibit your success:

  1. Allow yourself to think of a belief about yourself that has been holding you back from having, doing or being what you choose. Then welcome the thoughts, feelings, memories and stories that make up this belief.

    You can ask yourself, "Can I welcome the thoughts, feelings and memories that make up this belief?"

    You don't need to remember everything about the belief, nor do you need to sort through what arises. Just allow whatever arises to be here.

  2. Allow yourself to welcome all your wanting to fix, explain, defend, justify or do anything with or about this belief by asking, "Could I allow myself to welcome any wanting to fix, explain, defend, justify or do anything with or about this belief?" Again, simply welcome this as best you can.
  3. Allow yourself to welcome your identity with the belief. The reason we cling to beliefs that no longer serve us is because we've identified with them and claimed them as our own. We then feel we'll be losing a part of ourselves by letting them go. This is never true and you can discover this for yourself by letting go.

    To do this, ask yourself, "Could I welcome any sense that this is personal, about me or who I am?" If your mind says, "Of course this is personal," simply welcome that, too.

  4. Allow yourself to let go of the belief by asking yourself, "Could I let go of wanting to believe that again?" Do this as best you can.
  5. Allow yourself to welcome your own intuitive knowingness that is beyond all belief. Ask yourself, "Could I allow myself to welcome the power that knows the way?" or, "Could I allow myself to welcome my own intuitive knowingness that is beyond all belief?"

This process may seem too simple to work, but it does; and it will work for you if you give it a chance. Please experiment with this exercise and let me know what you experience. If you are persistent, I think you will find your results will truly be beyond belief.

I would love to hear what you think of this post and what your experience is with these perspectives. Please post comments, suggestions and ideas for other topics you would like me to discuss below.

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