10/22/2010 06:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

10 Things Poor People Like

Congratulations, a lousy economy and a "Third World America", we are all poor now. To help welcome you to poverty (uncharted territory for many of us), here are 10 stereotypical things the poor in America have traditionally liked.
  1. Coupons, it turn out those savings come in handy for people scraping to make things work and ends meet. Saving a buck here and a dollar there, helps stretch the poverty stricken families. I would say Sale, but I think rich people are the suckers for sales and discounts.
  2. TV shows, too poor to have Internet connection, TV shows come in free and need no expensive gadgets to play them. Skip the movies and search your TV guide for some free flicks and shows. Do not forget the generic brand cheese puffs. It really helps bring the family together as they try to reach over each other to get to the one bag munchies.
  3. The Dollar Store, the idea of getting everything for a dollar sends chills down some people's spine. Most poor neighborhoods have their own dollar stores where you can buy cleaning supplies, pain killers, cookies and gigantic drink bottles for a dollar.
  4. The City, every metropolitan city has pockets where poor people can live and prosper in limited income housing units and be near their minimum wage jobs. The suburbs are too much of a tax nightmare and we cannot afford a car let alone the insurance and gas.
  5. Bus, no car but got to go to work early and come back late, the city got your back. Buses run 24/7 and you never have to wait more than 10 minutes. Call me green, call it whatever you want, but I will let the city worry about where to park the bus. The bus driver and I are on first name basis. Hope that stinky guy next to me is not going to stab me.
  6. McDonald's, the dollar menu is hard to resist, leave it to the hipsters to worry about where that mechanically separated white chicken patty comes from. Good tasty menu items and desserts for the entire family for cheap. Hey, it's the weekend, let the kids eat. Pizza is high on the list.
  7. Churches, every Sunday, Churches get most of their traffic from poor people seeking to be closer to God hoping for better lives. Poor people tend to give more to churches and also seem to be in most need for help from above. Of course the Sunday brunches and potlucks help feed the poor and preserve their dignity.
  8. Government cheese, the US's government best idea, really fine tasty and hunger busting cheese courtesy of your government. It's so good that even rich people wish they have have it. It's the only good thing about being poor. Forget everything else the government did, their cheese is really good, I like it and the kids love it. Enriched with nutrition and supplements, we grow stronger and healthy.
  9. Powdered Drink Mix, it's easier to transport as carrying bottles of soda and liquid drinks form the store is hard if you do not have a car. Powdered drinks mix are often cheap and you can find them in small packaging few for the dollar and it makes gallons. Also sugar is the cheapest drug.
  10. Elections, politicians actually come to town and talk to them in an effort to win their vote and the poor loves to talk about their problems with men and women who promise them anything for their vote. the only time when rich and poor people are equal at the ballot box people feel empowered.

Bonus, The Poor man's favorite Comedians are, Chris Rock, George Lopez, and Larry the Cable Guy

[Hat Tip: Kellee Koenig]