04/28/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

'It's All About Jobs'

Without the restoration of at least five million of the over eight million American jobs lost in this recession, and the sustained creation of at least 250,000 jobs per month for the next decade, America will never truly recover from this horrible recession. Consumer spending and tax revenues will continue to suffer, and the federal government will be forced to keep spending and thereby increase the deficit. Americans without jobs lose their ability to purchase goods and services, send their children to college, pay taxes and keep their homes and health care coverage.

Strong health care reform, with a public option, would add many well-paying jobs and reduce the huge cost of health care in this country. But first and foremost is job creation across the board, in every sector. We must make meaningful progress in consumer spending and tax revenues, and the only way to do this is through full employment in America.

The President and Congress must immediately create an FDR-like program to repair every bridge, tunnel and road in America, whatever the cost. The next step would be for the Senate to pass the House version of Obama's energy plan. These two initiatives, along with a sustainable health care reform bill would create millions of new American jobs, reinstate millions onto the nation's tax rolls, and increase consume spending which would be the key to stimulating the growth of small businesses.

The Senate recently passed a meaningless $15 billion jobs creation bill that may add 250,000 jobs by the end of this year. How is it that our elected officials, and even our brave and highly intelligent young president don't get it that we need at least that many jobs every month just to keep pace with new workers entering the job market?

This kind of thinking will add hundreds of billions of dollars to our already unmanageable deficit as the federal government will be paying more unemployment benefits and food stamps for a lot longer period of time, and paying employers to hire unemployed workers for at least the next twelve months. The result of this huge deficit growth means that by 2015 we will be paying more in interest on our national debt every year than we spend on national defense! And all this becuse nobody seems to understand that it is all about jobs, and the powers that be are either too scared or too inept to figure out how to create meaningfull, well paying American jobs.