Iraqi Elections: Share Your Experiences, Photos

Iraqi voters go to the polls this Saturday for the first time since 2005 as they cast their ballots in provincial elections. Early voting began Wednesday for certain segments of the population.

Days after US Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced a shift in US military focus from Iraq to Afghanistan, the elections will send a clear signal on how stable and secure the country is.

Are you in Iraq and taking part in this important election? This is your opportunity to have a conversation with Americans about what is really happening in your country. Share with the Huffington Post -- and American public -- your election stories. Past Huffington Post citizen journalists made a huge impact on the US election debate. This is your chance to impact the debate on Iraq.

Tell us if you are planning to vote -- and why or why not. Have you been threatened in the lead up to the election? Do you feel safe enough to vote for your candidate? Are you able to access your polling place? What happens when you get there? Have you ever voted before? If not, why did you choose this election to participate in?

Are you an American living in Iraq? Will you witness the election? We'd love to hear from you too. Tell us what you saw, what you heard and how you think the election went.

Please send your voting experience to Please tell us about the election -- and what it means to you -- in under 300 words. Make sure to include your name, where you live and your voting location.

Send your photos as attachments to Put in the subject line "Iraq election photos." Format them to 550 x 400 pixels, 150 resolution, and provide captions and bylines. We will select the best photos and display them on the Huffington Post.

Captions should include as much information about the image as possible. Please include where the photograph was taken, when it was taken and who (or what) is in the photo. Include your full name and where you live so we may credit your work accurately.

Deadline: Sunday night

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