06/28/2011 03:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Vintage Airline Commercials: Flying in Another Dimension

What the hell ever happened to airline flying as a pleasant experience? With baggy pants men getting arrested onboard crafts to old ladies made to remove their adult diapers at security checkpoints -- you'd almost think the airline industry is purposely making cheap flights and air travel a horrific experience.

What did customer service fly to in the airline industry; how did that get devoid from the equation? If you look back at vintage airline commercials, you can't even believe that they are talking about the same industry that confiscates your toothpaste, charges for blankets, and leaves you hungry on cross-country flights.

Take a gander at some airline commercials from decades back--it almost feels like they are from a parallel universe:

Right, imagine even getting food served on a plane, let alone having your beef prepared medium to taste. Nancy has been replaced by a bunch of jaded flight attendants that bark at you if your belongs aren't stuffed under your seat.

Does Sandy seem a little mentally challenged? Where are all these steaks with sauce she's keeps referring to? Last time I flew they wouldn't even give me peanuts.

Spacious cabins? All that went out the window once the airlines realized they could stuff more seats onboard to make additional cash and cancel your flight if the plane doesn't fill up. Does anyone at home have a powder room that looks like one you'd find on an airplane? More lobster tails please!

Pan Am went out of business years ago -- and with it airline customer service.

Pure fantasy. This man would be in a rush to get home if they kicked him off the plane for wearing baggy pants or asked to search his diaper.

Flying is just like riding in a limousine? Try: it's more like riding on a packed bus to Reno. The cheapest airline tickets are now charging customers $5 to print up your boarding card at airports.

Flight attendants looking like models? I don't think so: maybe more like models for Jaded Worker magazine. And what is this "courtesy" word they keep referring to?

What do you wish the airline companies would bring back about air travel? Let us know!