07/27/2010 05:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Double Entendres at Montreal's Twins Parade

Triplets take a break. The Just for Laughs 2010 Twins Parade on Saturday was twice the fun of a standard parade. (Is that enough of hack opening for you?) This is what I learned when I ventured to JFL's TP for my friends at Asylum.

Held in Montreal, the event is comprised of more than 500 twins from such far-reaching locales as Australia, Nigeria, and America. (Though most of the pairs were from Quebec.) Residents were doing double-takes (more twin puns to come) as their French-Canadian streets filled with those who sprang from a single zygote that split and formed two embryos.

The theme for this year's parade (the 13th annual celebration) was "Ballroom." Each pair sported caricatures of themselves as they paraded down St. Catherine's Street delighting the crowd of thousands by showing off their rare trait: a sibling doppelganger.

Here's a joke. What's the most popular fruit for Montreal's Twins Parade? Answer: pairs. (I'm the wittiest man on earth!)

The sight of twins, after twins, after twins, after more twins, was as surreal as a Fellini film on pairs of mushrooms. In general, twins make people happy in the same manner as an army of Santas bearing down and sporting gifts.

For the moment, all we wanted to do is permanently live in a world comprised of twins walking the streets. It makes people feel envious and slightly lonely that they too don't have a twin.

The oldest pair of twins was over 100 years old -- each! That's a crazy 200 twin years combined.

Here's a fun thing you could do after the Twins Parade. Run frantically into a bar and scream "Has anyone seen my twin? I've lost my twin!!" Then leave. A few minutes later return with a slightly different hairstyle and ask the room, "Was someone just in here looking for me?"

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