05/25/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Song-and-Dance of Legalizing Marijuana

If we're fighting to get medical marijuana legal because it helps sick people, then why is the dispensary by my house so flippin' shady? I didn't know so many gangstas were battling glaucoma. I guess they need their eyesight back for those drive-by shootings.

Right now it's great that marijuana is used to treat sick people, but anyone who, say, has access to a doctor with a prescription pad can easily get a pot club card. ("Doctor, my Xbox playing and Ho-Ho eating has really been stressing me out!") Californians do such a song-and-dance around our marijuana laws in a ridiculous game of pot smoke-and mirrors.

In November, Californians will get to decide whether to legalize marijuana. Though it's great that marijuana will be legal--so we can smoke it, do they really think the majority of pot growers are going to pay taxes on their herb crop? Do you think April 14th growers are going to stress out because they haven't filled out their Form 1040 (Schedule SE)?

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