02/21/2008 09:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama's Legislative Record: Finding the Beef, Courtesy of Helenann

All of us prone to stagefright or whose IQs tend to drop doing public speaking can now have a moment of silence for poor Texas State Senator Kirk Watson (D-TX), whose mind went blank while being interrogated by Chris Matthews. Kirk issued a gracious statement saying what he could surely have said during any of the other 23.75 hours that day.

Free of the pestering Mr. Matthews, my friend Helanann on dailykos has compiled a boatload of valuable information on Senator Obama's work and legislative record, including 570 bills he has sponsored or cosponsored in the U.S. Senate. (Such lists have their limitations, of course. Ted Kennedy is more effective than any such list would indicate. Then again, he's had a 35-year head start.)

The link has the delightful title "Found the beef." A lot of valuable research went into that posting. Tips to Helenann.

Note added in postscript: This one is good, too.

I write this as both candidates are acquitting themselves well in the debate. Makes you proud to be a Democrat.