08/23/2005 01:43 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Reality-Based Reality

Now that I can concede success in either predicting, or forcing, the Missing Man story onto American tubes, let's go for double or nothing. Given the fact that the Bush Administration's proposal for private/personal Social Security accounts has gone south faster than the chances of a Baghdad stop on the Stones tour, will this story gain any traction stateside? It's nothing more nor less than what you'd want in the middle of a fractious, partisan policy dispute: actual facts from a plan very much like the original Bush proposal that's been in effect in the UK for more than a decade. Forget, if you can, about the results of the study, which seem to favor the anti-Bush side of the argument. Has everybody shut the coffin on this plan to such an extent that this kind of apparently factual study has no chance at American media oxygen?