12/11/2005 02:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Russert Watch Extra

I know Arianna does the heavy lifting on this shift, but I couldn't pass this up. In the pundit-yak section of today's MTP, Tim Russert had three rather decent yakkers--E.J. Dionne, David Brooks and Mike Allen--and confronted them with the Katrina story. That is, he confronted them with a scene-setter from Nov. 29's WaPo, describing the state of New Orleans, and a snippet from the NYT, all framing the question--have we forgotten about the victims? Left out of Tim's table-setting, and the responses from the three, was any mention of what caused the devastation in New Orleans--let's say it together, shall we--breached floodwalls caused by faulty design and construction thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers, a branch of the Federal government. Have we forgotten about what created the victims? Or did we--the Washington bubble-ocracy--ever know?