09/20/2007 06:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Jena 6 and the Paris, Texas 1

I thought if any national news coverage would have the time and the commitment to perspective to link the Jena 6 story to that of Shaquanda Cotton, it would be PBS' Newshour. But no such luck. Even though Newshour's first interviewee, live from Jena, was the Chicago Trib reporter who covered the story of Ms. Cotton.
Why it matters: If seen in isolation, Jena is the story of one nutty little Central Louisiana town. Those stupid crackers again. If the media help us remember waaaay back to last March, and to "the best little town in Texas", the story edges toward being not about them, but about us.

UPDATE: A Google News search indicates only the Modesto Bee, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Phily Inquirer have made the connection, among the mainstream print press.